Monday, November 22, 2010

Carcinoid tumors : Part 2

The American Cancer Society has found near about five thousand cases of Carcinoid tumors in the US, even in the year 2010. It has said that this kind of cancer is not that common in children and can occur among those patients who are in the age of twenty to forty. As we discussed in the early story about the infection of this tumor in the human gastrointestinal tract, some points are now on way that can give a little idea about the Carcinoid tumor treatmentmethods and the other organs that get the infection of this tumor.  The infection can also affect the hepatobiliary system like the liver and  even the human respiratory system like testes and ovaries.


The physical experts decide the treatment for carcinoid tumoras per the size of the tumor and the place where the tumor is located. It also looks on the base of the patient’s current health status like if he/she is suffering with any other disease or sickness. They also see how much area the tumor has covered inside the patient’s body.  As an initial treatment, the doctor may suggest to have chemotherapy drugs. These drugs are very important in killing the cancerous cells or tumors. The use of Radiation therapy in the Carcinoid tumor treatment process is also very frequent and important. A radiation therapy uses high rays or radiations, which is like the X-rays and throws them on the cancer cells. Physical experts give these rays only on the affected area and for some specific time. In this treatment process, the external-beam radiation therapy is very well known. Many times, a surgery is the best way to treat the final or advanced stage of cancer. The surgery removes the tumors completely. The most well known surgery is Debulking surgery. The other surgeries are like Local excision; here the physician removes those tumors, which are in an initial stage. In a condition of rectal carcinoid tumors, the electro-fulguration surgery is done.  The other surgery is known as hemicolectomy or  Segmental colon resection. In this process, the surgeons remove one-third or half of the tumors from the body. In a process of Low anterior resection, the physical experts remove some of the upper parts of the tumor, which has occurred on the rectum. The Abdominoperineal resection removes the large sized of tumors, which has occurred in the lower section of the rectum. If the tumor has occurred on the liver, the liver resection surgery is required to remove the tumor. In the case of carcinoid tumors, the liver transplantation cannot work that successfully. In cases where the CT scan reveals that, the liver has a small growth of tumor; it can kill through freezing by nitrogen.  The other method, like  embolization or Hepatic artery occlusion, helps to obstruct the blood vessels of the tumor.
In a case, when the Carcinoid tumor is in the lungs, the tumor is removed through the sleeve resection. In some cases, a small piece of lung is also removed, which is known as Wedge resection. In the other surgical method, known as lobectomy, the medical experts remove the whole section of the lobe from the lungs. Sometimes the entire lungs are removed through the surgical process, which is known as Pneumonectomy. The people who are suffering with some kind of lung disease, or heart sickness, the doctors adopt a Palliative surgery.  In this process, they vaporize the whole tumor with a laser ray and then remove it with sharp equipment. At times, the radiation therapy also goes for a relief. The radiation therapy throws radiated lights on the tumors for some times, the rays destroys the tumors. The physicians also give a biologic therapy or immunotherapy to improve the body immune system in a condition to fight with cancer cells or the tumor. In a targeted therapy, some of the genes, cancer proteins and other tissues of the tumor are targeted as per their location and size. Here the physical experts find that whether the tumor is there inside the stomach, liver or other intestines. If the tumor is in the stomach, it can be removed through endoscope. The physicians remove the small intestines tumor trough a surgery. If the tumor has occurred in the large intestines, they can be removed through a colonoscopy. An electro-fulguration is used to destroy a carcinoid tumor in the rectum. The appendectomy is done to remove the tumor from the appendix.  Many times, the doctors do a Carcinoid tumor treatment for a pain relief.

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